Monthly Archives: March 2017

Read paper “A Column Store Engine for Real-Time Streaming Analytics” (MemSQL)

Paper reference: A Column Store Engine for Real-Time Streaming Analytics Background: According to the official website, MemSQL is “a high-performance data warehouse designed for the cloud that delivers ultra-fast insights of your live and historical data”. It uses row-storage and lock-free engine for data in memory and column-storage for data… Read more »

Read paper “iShuffle: Improving Hadoop Performance with Shuffle-on-Write”

Paper reference: iShuffle: Improving Hadoop Performance with Shuffle-on-Write Background: A job in Hadoop consists of three main stages: map, shuffle, reduce (Actually shuffle stage has been contained into reduce stage). What is the problem? Shuffle phase need to migrate large mount of data from nodes which running map job to… Read more »